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February 19, 2015
Kenneth Cole 
$15 vs. $55

Kendra Scott
      To save or to spend? That is the question I ask myself every time I see something I want to purchase. I feel like I have two sides; side A wants to be thrifty and save, while side B wants to purchase everything in site and only buy expensive name brand items. If you can agree with me on this than we should lean on one another for accountability! Emptying our pockets on one item can be very difficult while raising a family, especially if you want to stay current with fashion and have a new piece in your wardrobe or jewelry box as often as possible. 
     While out shopping at my local T.J.maxx store,  I found myself pondering on this exact question. Should I save the money on these Kenneth Cole turquoise earrings or should I splurge on the Kendra Scott turquoise earrings I have been wanting? I kept asking myself if these $15 Kenneth Cole look alike earrings were going to satisfy my desire to have Kendra Scott’s $55 ‘skye’ earrings and I can tell you they most definitely have!
     Why spend the money when you can have something comparable for less than half the price? I urge you to run to your local T.J.maxx to find this steal and stock up on as many turquoise pieces as possible. Turquoise is definitely ‘in’ and hitting the market everywhere. The thing I love most about turquoise jewelry is the timeless beauty is captures. Women have been wearing turquoise for years and it has yet to go out of style. 

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