February 24, 2015
     About a year ago, I was looking for something to change my dull scarred skin from being ruined during my first pregnancy and this is what my friend told me to use. My hormones were out of control and I would get random spouts of cystic acne embedded under my skin that made smiling painful. My face felt sore and looked aged; I was miserable and embarrassed to be seen in public. As soon as I started using this pumpkin peel enzyme mask I noticed a remarkable change. It literally took thin layers of skin off over time and removed a lot of my scars. I was so encouraged and excited by my husbands comments on the changes he saw in my skin that I can’t help but to share these products with the world!
*Apply in the evening to allow time for healing. 
     Wash face with Cetaphil daily facial cleanser, dab face with a towel (do not wipe your face with the towel; wiping your face pushes dead skin left on the surface in to your pours and causes more acne), Paint on a thin layer of the ht2 enzyme pumpkin fruit peel– length of time for the pumpkin peel depends on the sensitivity of your skin; the max amount of time you can leave the fruit peel on your skin is 10 minutes, rinse skin with cool water, and dab your face with a clean towel. Once your skin is dry, apply vitamin e oil to your skin and leave on your face until the morning. 
Benefits of pumpkin peel:
     Softens fine lines and wrinkles, binds Moisture to the skin, exfoliates surface cells, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture and pliability, adds anti-oxidants, vitamins, and nutrients into the skin, destroys surface bacteria, prepares skin for more aggressive treatments like chemical peels, and helps lighten hyper-pigmentation. 
Benefits of vitamin e oil:
     Lightens brown spots on skin from aging, adds extreme moisture to skin (great for night treatment), heals scar tissue, and prevents wrinkles by aiding in the production of collagen. 


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