March 25, 2015
     On one of our last days in Hawaii, we went on our favorite trail; The Pillbox hike. The Pillbox trail is located in Lanikai, Hawaii. This trail is a shorter distance and has great views of the beach. Facing the ocean, you will see the twin islands, which locals refer to as the ‘mokes’. A lot of people kayak and take stand up paddles to the islands for a little adventure. Some of our friends have spotted sharks on their paddle over there, but none of our friends have ever been bothered by them.
     I was a little nervous about going on some parts of the hike because of all the rocks and steep slippery parts, but I managed to come out a champ. I was surprised at how easy of a hike it was for me at 33 weeks pregnant.  I definitely recommend doing this hike if you are pregnant and want to get some exercise.
     My husband was able to take our daughter up to the pillboxes by wearing the ergobaby carrier. It made it so easy to take her with us. The ergobaby carrier is a staple item in our home, because it makes a lot of activities available for us to participate in. We can both be hands free and still have our daughter with us. We are considering buying another carrier for when our son comes, so we can still get out of the house and stay active. Our ergobaby carrier has made life with our baby more enjoyable and we find it to be very comfortable. The padding on the shoulders are thick and lightweight and the placement of the waist band sits in the perfect spot for being mobile. If you don’t have one already, you should buy one!

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