June 11, 2015
Running shorts Adidas | Running shoes Brooks | Jogging stroller Duallie BOB
     Running has become more of a hobby ever since I became a mother. I have always enjoyed running, but even more so now that I have two kids and here is why; I can bring them with me! Being able to bring my kids with me is extremely convenient and I am so thankful for our BOB Duallie. I usually go running with them before their naps, so I can shower while they are sleeping and get some rest before we head out to do another activity in the afternoon.

The BOB is the perfect running stroller to use with kids. The optional lock in swivel wheel makes it really easy to turn and maneuver the stroller, while the size of the wheels provide a smooth ride for both you and your kids. I have researched all of the jogging strollers out there and have seen how other ones work, but the BOB is by far the best out there. The stroller never rattles, never gets stuck, and it never lets me down.

The price of a BOB is pricey, but don’t let that stop you from having a great running experience with your kids. My husband gave me the option of having a fancier nursery or buying the stroller and I decided to go with the stroller. I figured I would be a much better mom for doing something that I enjoy during the day so I don’t go crazy from feeling stuck. I also want my kids to see how important it is to stay healthy and active while still being able to involve your kids and I think they will get that from leading by example.

Just because you become a parent, doesn’t mean you should have to drop all of your desires, hobbies, and interests. Instead, it means you have to work a little harder to make room for those things and you become more of a problem solver.

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