July 15, 2015
Dress Pink Blush | Sunnies Loft | Shoes J Crew Factory
     Traveling this summer has been quite enjoyable and I have been able to check off a lot of items from my summer bucket list. Recently, my husband and I explored the Bull Run Winery in Virginia, where we did a wine tasting consisting of: six white wines, five reds, and three sweet wines. They were absolutely delicious! Our favorite wines are their Riesling, 2013 Merlot, and their Peach wine. The best part about their wine tasting is that you get to take home a complimentary wine glass with their logo. We ended up liking their Riesling so much that we bought a bottle to take home and drink on a special occasion.
     In getting ready to head out to the Winery, I grabbed my easy breezy shift dress from Pink Blush. I wanted to wear something that felt effortless to keep me cool in the humidity. I was looking to make a bold statement; nothing too fancy, but nothing too casual either. This dress has the best of both worlds and here is why: the crochet neckline says “I’m comfy and laid back” while the blue color block says “watch out, I’m here and I’m fabulous.”
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  1. You look absolutely beautiful. I like that you wore your hair down with this outfit. Looks like you guys had fun and made some good memories

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