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December 18, 2015
     Staying warm in the winter months is something that I am not too familiar with. It has been several years since I last experienced cold weather, so I am a little new to warm sexy wear. However, I can tell you that I am in love with what I have been wearing! I find that I am the most comfortable and feel the sexiest in long sleeves with lace accents.
     I tend to lean more towards grey and more neutral colors like blush and tan for my sleepwear, but my husband absolutely loves black and finds me irresistible in the color, so I tend to shop for sleep clothes that have black accents. Check out the outfits I featured that are inspired from my sexy winter sleepwear. Notice that most of the clothes I chose are either long sleeves or pants; I believe you can still look sexy while staying covered up. 
     A lot of looking and feeling sexy while you sleep has to do with the materials and colors you choose. I think when we feel good, we look good. My best advice is to NOT be afraid of creating your own definition of sexy. 
     Enjoy these winter months in what you feel comfortable in and try some new color palettes to give you a sexy chic look!

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