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February 29, 2016
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     This morning I woke up with really solidly understanding why baptism is seriously NOT the very thing that saves and why faith that Jesus died for our sins is. If faith is circumcision of the heart then we must see that the heart is the very thing that the spirit lives in. It says it. How many times does it say that? Lots. So if that is to be true, that is the part that matters; our soul. Then for us to be baptized is just to show that our bodies are following along. This very body isn’t the item that is going to heaven.2 Corinthians 5- we are to be given bodies by God that are not made by man. So it really is all to do with my soul. My soul is what needed to be changed and reviewed by the lord. That is what needed to be cleaned inside so that my sins could be washed away for the spirit to come and live inside of me to help me battle myself and everything of this world. The body is simply a mask for my heart. Something for my heart to live in. I have to get baptized to show everyone I am a Christian. It’s a way of NOT denying Him. It shows that I am  proclaiming He is lord. 1 Peter 3:21 the pledge of a clear conscious to God. I am making an appeal of my heart to Him and letting Him know I accepted Him and I love Him. Thank you Lord for giving me answers.

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