March 31, 2016



Lips TRUE Isaac Mizrahi ‘Audrey’ pure lipstick | Eye shadow TRUE Isaac Mizrahi ‘Copper’ |Blush TRUE Isaac Mizrahi ‘Blushing Pink’ | Shimmer TRUE Isaac Mizrahi illuminating shimmer ‘Rose Quartz’

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Cosmetic lines are popping up everywhere and that means we have a million choices, but only one face to paint. How do we choose which one is best for us? We try products from friends we trust. Am I right? I know for myself I have sensitive skin, so I am cautious with what I put on my face. Isaac’s blush and shimmer are paraben FREE! Can I get a woohoo! My face can catch a break.

My lips on the other hand can handle almost anything as long as it isn’t too drying. lipsticks are known for their drying effects, but TRUE Isaac Mizrahi‘s cosmetic line has proven to be a top competitor.

TRUE Isaac Mizrahi lip stick does not dry my lips out to the point of cracking. They stay as hydrated as they were prior to applying the lip stick. Plus how lovely are these colors! The man knows what looks good on women and I appreciate his great taste. Isaac, you are fabulous!

How cute is the packaging? I feel like such a bombshell every time I sit at my vanity and open these little gold beauties. I really do believe all beautiful things come in gold!

Let me know how you like the True Isaac Mizrahi line once you try it. I am curious to know your opinion.


What are the colors you like to play with?

Next on my list… Isaac’s nail polish. Look out for the post on my Instagram!

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