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May 3, 2016
Oils and oils and oils OH MY!
You guys, I have BIG news! As I am over here sipping my coffee… I am here to tell you that I am now an oil user. Who would have thought I would join in on the natural approach to healing? I was skeptical and totally didn’t want to spend the money, but here I am a YOUNG LIVING oil user. This is a BIG deal!
     I really have been looking for a way to help control my acne from within and the oils seem to be the answer. I have been using frankincense and lavender on my acne to prevent my larger more cystic pimples from exploding. So SILLY, but acne is a real struggle for me. Along side acne comes stress and I am super thankful for the ‘stress away’ blend that helps me to stay calm, cool, and collected. The sensation from smelling oils is really hard to describe. You really don’t understand it until you try them.oil believer
I have been using oils for at least a month now and they are AMAZING! I used an entire bottle of frankincense on my acne as well as on my daughter’s eye to heal little dots that resembled a stye.
     If you are nervous about trying the oils, just buy one and see how often you use it and what you use it for. With all of the cancer research out there and scares, I want to try and stay away from as many harmful chemicals as possible. Might sound silly, but its the truth. I have plenty of chemicals in my house, but this is one way I can get away from some of the really bad ones out there and make my home a little safer. GO au natural!
I have my kids to think about and I would prefer to raise them in a chemical safe environment where I can nourish them and not worry about poisoning them.
My FAVORITE oils that I use on the regular are lemon, lavender, frankincense, and peppermint. I use lemon to help with my nausea and indigestion from my pregnancy as well as for cleaning my countertops. The lavender I use on my acne and to breath in for a peaceful night of sleep. Frankincense to heal my acne as well as on little skin bumps that I find on my kids and last but certainly not least, I use peppermint in my water as a breath refresher as well as a nausea fighter.
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Want my contact to start small or maybe BIG and buy some oils? click on this direct link to get in touch with Lichelle Brown for some assistance.
You can contact Lichelle or click on her direct link to buy some oils. She has instructions all written out to help you purchase and is really great at responding fairly quick.

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