October 5, 2016

Grow your instagram

Having a hard time growing on Instagram and need some guidance? I put together 4 quick tips that will help you from the beginning. Don’t lose heart, followers will come and these 4 ways to grow your Instagram will help you.

1. Have a clear bio that establishes what your niche is, who you are, your location, and a good contact email.

2. Use the same filter for all of your photos. DELETE any photos that do not have the same filter. I am in the process of changing my filter right now and I am slowly moving the knob over on my new filter to transition in to my ‘new look’.

3. Use a good headshot as your main photo so people can actually see who you are. Have fun taking a nice selfie! #selfie #selfietime

4. Post during high traffic hours online so your pictures will be seen. I can tell you that the BEST day to post is on a Wednesday between 5-6pm.

I totally lose followers and gain followers daily NO THANKS to the bots out there trolling the internet. However, take heart in knowing that you are building something wonderful. Leave any comments or questions below. I would love to hear from you!

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