January 5, 2017

This birth story for baby 3 is by far the easiest story there is to tell. It is short and sweet with a little bit of scary mixed in. Just like my other two pregnancies, I was induced (no surprise there; my babies are stubborn and stay high up in my body). With living far away from family and needing someone at home to watch our other two kids, we wanted to set a definite date to have help readily available, so we opted for an induction at 39 weeks.labor and delivery

We arrived at the hospital around 5:30am and got started on pitocin at 6:15am. The rest of the times are a little foggy because I didn’t write them down, so I will be giving estimations. I later received my epidural around 8:30am. The pitocin seemed to be taking forever and it was on purpose. My doctor was actually in surgery, so they kept my pitocin going at a slow pace to avoid active labor until he was out of surgery. Once he was out of surgery, they slowly increased my pitocin. I felt pain in my groin, but nothing serious. It took about an hour for my epidural to work.

I ended up pushing in a sitting up position twice and saw that nothing was happening, so my daughter suggested I move in to another position that he felt more comfortable with; the back to the bed was leaned back at a 45 degree angle and front part where you lay your feet was taken away already from when I was in a sitting position. I pulled my knees towards myself and gave two hard pushes and gave one more controlled push so I could get a good grip on him and pull him out on my own. I gave birth to our third baby at 1:28pm on November 28.

labor and deliverycozy chic mommy

When Jacob came out he wasn’t responding, so the nurse had to quickly take him from me and bring him over to the incubator. The NICU nurse came in to observe him and was able to get him to respond. It was a little freaky, but it all worked out well. The doctor said I pushed him out so quick that he didn’t have enough time in the canal to get the fluids squeezed out of him, so he had a difficult time showing us that he was okay. I wasn’t able to hold him for at least 45 minutes to an hour after our first initial interaction and all I wanted to do was kiss him and hug him. It was really scary, but I had peace at the time. I stayed calm and prayed through the fear.newborn baby

It was an incredible labor with little to no pain. I didn’t tear and hardly had any swelling. This was by far the easiest labor out of all three. I felt so good after giving birth that I decided to get dressed in my clothes and walk around. I was literally the only mom walking the halls to check on my baby in the nursery (good times).

If you have any other questions about what to expect during labor or anything that you want to get answers to, feel free to send your questions my way. I would love to connect!


  1. Aside from Jacob not responding it sounds like you had an easy delivery! Thank Goodness he is well and good!!


  2. Such a lovely birth story Rachel. Dare I ask how it compared to the first? My baby is still very high so I expect I might be induced too. Nice to read your blog – Jody

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