January 23, 2017
irresistible me hair

Before Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

irresistible me hair

After Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
irresistible me hair

I have always been leery of using hair extensions for fear of them not blending in well with my hair. I have to say that I now think that fear of extensions not blending in well was so silly. With the right extensions, you can get a natural look. I also didn’t want to appear like I was trying too hard, but these Irresistible Me hair extentions look so effortless. I feel like my hair looks super natural and my hair looks instantly thicker too. I also love how I can gain inches in minutes! These extensions rock!

I am still a bit hesitant to wear my hair down with the extensions in, because I am new to the hair extension game, but I do love braiding my hair with them in. My favorite part about wearing irresistible me hair extensions is how much depth they add to my hair.

irresistible me hair

I am wearing the Silky Touch extentions in the 20″ length at a 200g weight. I still can’t get over how well they blend in with my hair! It is seriously amazing to me. The reason they blend so well is because they are Remy hair (human hair), so they feel like strands from my own head instead of hair on the head of a doll. You can not beat the way they feel! If you want to try extensions, check them out. They are having a huge sale right now.

irresistible me hair


Silky Touch Honey Blonde Irresistible Me hair extensions

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