February 19, 2017
preppy style

Hey girl hey! If you are wondering how to dress feminine in denim, you have come to the right place. Let’s be real, skirts are not for everyday wear, but denim is! I’ve made a list of items that are great for the lady that loves denim and you are going to want to take notes. This list is by far my favorite I have ever come up with and I am following it so I can have the look I want as well.

How to Dress Feminine in Denim:

  1. Wear pumps. Don’t be afraid to wear a small block heel. These shoes are our friends! They don’t cause pain and they are super friendly for women on the go.
  2. Wear dainty jewelry. This bar necklace is the perfect addition to any look. It is personalized and adds a bit of sparkle, which I love.
  3. Wear ruffles. Just a little accent can be the perfect touch to a simple tee and it will change your entire look. I like tees with ruffle sleeves because they are simple and easy, yet…feminine. Ruffles on the seams are great too. Honestly, ruffles anywhere will do the trick.
  4. Wear pink. Don’t underestimate a good pink top. Find the RIGHT color pink that compliments your skin tone. I feel like I do best in bubble gum pink, highlighter pink, and a pretty blush tone.
  5. Wear peplum. Peplum tops compliment the waistline and draw your eyes to the tiniest part on the body. I took a picture in my peplum top two weeks after having my third baby and wasn’t too self-conscious. I feel like I looked ‘okay’, because I was putting up an illusion that I was thinner than I actually was; totally hides the belly pudge. Plus, peplum is so cute and flirty. Just wear a peplum top and you will see exactly what I am talking about.
  6. Wear a lippie (lipstick). Yes, I now live by this. I NEVER used to wear lipstick and now I wear it all the time. It finishes any look I am trying to pull off. I instantly have fuller lips and look polished. A matte lippie is a must in my book.
  7. Put a bow on it. The example I have in here is really poor because it is actually a neck scarf, BUT I did buy some blush pink and navy blue ribbon to put in my hair. I feel super feminine with it in my hair, like I just stepped out of the 30s or 40s really quick. Another way to add bows, is to tie them on to your totes, purses, and diaper bags. I also have an umbrella with a bow print and it makes me look super girly when it is raining and I love it!
  8. Monogram it. Monogram your jewelry and your bags! Put your name or meaningful dates on EVERYTHING, because why not?! You don’t need to spell out your entire name, just an initial is enough. Do it and you won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you will and then I’ll have to talk you back in to why it is cute and feminine.
  9. Retro sunnies (sunglasses) are your friend. Classic sunnies are a must. They compliment the face well and have beautiful shapes to choose from.
  10. Forget the temptress look. Leave it at home in the bedroom with your spouse and go for a sweet feminine look by keeping the goods covered up. There is nothing worse than showing cleavage. It automatically takes away the feminine look and heads straight for sexy. I don’t know about you, but I like to look sexy for my husband and feminine for everyone else.

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Still want more? Follow me on Instagram for examples of how to dress feminine in denim. It is totally my thing right now. Have questions regarding anything you read in this post? Leave a comment below and I would be glad to help you. Stay classy, stay chic, stay feminine.

xo Rach


    1. Yes girl yes! I actually lived in Florida for a little under 6 years and was in a sorority…hehe I had lots monogrammed then BUT never appreciated the way I do now. Georgia ignited that in me. You all inspired me! MISS YOU TOO VIRGINIA! I miss Grace and all you beautiful women so much.

    1. SARAH!!!! You are so so very sweet. Yesterday I got my first ‘rude mail’ where a man told me I am too big. I laughed. So silly because I didn’t ask him to follow me haha. OKAY BUT on to the lippie you have got to try e.l.f. matte lipsticks. I get it for $3 and it is literally my GO TO. It will change your life I promise. If you hate it you only lose out on $3.

      1. Ha! Wow! How obtuse can this person be?! I am so glad you love yourself enough to be able to laugh at such ignorant comment, I wonder if that added any value to his lame state of mind?! • YOU ARE GORGEOUS! • on another note, $3 is so worth the try. Let’s see how I feel about it (fingers crossed)

        1. Thank you so much Sarah! Ha! I don’t know why he felt this need to add his opinion especially because it was so rude. $3 is SUPER affordable which is lovely in my book. I spend lots on my clothes and shoes so I need to save somewhere!

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