February 23, 2017
evenflo travel system

Haven’t found a good travel system you love? I have! No, but for real I have. The Evenflo is a single stroller that break down to be super compact. The carseat is more lightweight and so is the stroller itself. Honestly, it is so nice to have a stroller that is slim and doesn’t take up a bunch of space in the car and on the sidewalk. I had a friend tell me a story about this Evenflo travel system and how the mother put the stroller in the overhead compartment on her flight from D.C. to Utah. Sounds like this stroller is no joke.

We made the BIG mistake of not bringing our stroller with us. At first, we didn’t want to bring it to avoid having one more thing to carry around, but that was a terrible idea. We regretted every minute of not having a stroller and wish that we would have brought it with us. At one point, we set it aside to take it with us and then quickly decided against it. Ah! I still can’t believe we thought we were making the better choice. We were so wrong. If you are traveling with a babies or toddlers…ALWAYS bring a stroller. There is nothing more to discuss. Got it? I have been on SO MANY trips with the kids and I stand by this. You will feel so much less stressed with a good stroller at your side.

evenflo travel system evenflo travel systemThe Evenflo travel system I own is the Pivot. I chose it for the seat that comes with the stroller. I wanted to be able to lay my infant down in a bassinet style seat. The amazing thing that really sold me is that the bassinet style seat converts in to a chair-like seat. Basically it can transition from a bed to a chair. How cool is that? You simply pull on the straps in the back to convert it. In my picture I am showing the seat in a bassinet setting with the car seat clicked in.
evenflo travel system evenflo travel system

Check out all this amazing space for storage. We took ours to the grocery store yesterday and out all of our fruits and vegetables down here. Before that, we took the Pivot to the park and I have my 10lb. dumbbell weights down there so I could lift. I love the versatility and the ease of comfort that comes with this stroller. It is a smooth ride for the kids and a smooth push for me. There is nothing worse than fighting your stroller. I see parents all the time trying to push their stroller in one direction and the thing will just lock up and then practically tips over. I have not experienced that with this Evenflo travel system. evenflo travel system evenflo travel system evenflo travel system evenflo travel system

Looking for a travel system that best fits YOUR lifestyle? Evenflo has TWO to choose from:



evenflo travel system

Enjoy traveling and scooting around town with ease. You will love the weight free feel that comes with it and it doesn’t hurt that both systems are super stylish! What is not to love?

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xo Rachel Lyn

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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