February 27, 2017

When it comes to reading, we take our comfort seriously. We have gone through two bean bag chairs, a kid table, multiple pillows, and random set-ups to find the perfect place to read. I have got to say that we finally came up with the perfect combination; a Yogibo mini and a Yogibo support bean bag. They are so cool and comfortable that TIME magazine said they give “great back support”. It’s true, they really do offer great support while reading, studying, working, and lounging. Parents even said to “swap the rocker for a bean bag”. I wasn’t joking when I said we found the best spot to read in.  Yogibo offers a new way of living life and  it’s a lot of fun!


I feel creating a comfortable spot to read encourages my children to grab a book instead of opting for the television. They think the Yogibos are cool, so they are constantly running to the reading corner in our house. Have you made reading a priority in your home? Here are 6 reasons why children’s literacy is so important:

6 Reasons why Children’s Literacy is so Important:

  1. Reading 15 minutes a day can expose your child to more than a million words in a year.
  2. Mastery of our language; they will have a better understating of the fundamentals of language.
  3. Prolonged attention span; they can concentrate more through practicing how to read and reading to them. You set them up for multiple opportunities to focus on the task at hand…reading a book.
  4. Reading can be fun! If they struggle with reading, they will shy away from it. Reading is everywhere in learning. You have to be able to read in order to learn.
  5. Better at communicating. Reading helps them to learn how to express their emotions through examples given in the stories we read as well as words that describe feelings.
  6. Quality time spent together. Setting aside time to read to them encourages having a relationship with your children.


The Yogibo bean bags are also great for playing! We use them like we would gymnastic equipment; we jump on them and roll over them. A great muscle sensory game is jumping and sitting on the bean bag. It creates body awareness as well as muscle control. Yogibos are great for so many things. I can’t say enough about this bean-bag line. They are so much more than a bean-bag, they are a lifestyle.yogibo


Yogibo Mini | Yogibo Support

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