March 5, 2017

Friends, I totally lied and am now a dress lover. I am completely swooning over 5 blue dresses for Spring from Boden right now. Over time I have come to love dresses and the easiness behind getting dressed. One of the biggest reasons I wasn’t a fan of dresses was the fact that I felt I couldn’t pattern play enough. My mind has been changed. Ha! I am all about picking one item in my closet and throwing it on for a no brainer outfit 9my kids use enough of my brain power). I pattern play with my accessories now instead; earrings, purses, sunnies, and shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still see me in plenty of denim and flirty tops, but I am opening my wardrobe to flouncy feminine dresses as well as classic and casual styles. I am all about dressing feminine and trying to bring the inner girly girl out. I was always more of a casual gal that loved the feminine look, but never thought I could pull it off. I say forget that mentality and wear what you love and admire!

feminine in denim boden boden clothing feminine in denim boden boden


Blue Boden Eden Wrap Dress | Pink Angelica T-Bar Flats

5 Blue Dresses for Spring:

boden Allegra dressboden althea dressboden blue boden blue porcelain lydia lace dress


1.Allegra Dress | 2. Althea Dress | 3. Casual Jersey Dress | 4. Phoebe Jersey Dress| 5. Lydia Lace Dress

Happy shopping my friends!

xo Rachel Lyn Johnson

This post is sponsored by Boden

  1. Absolutely love that dress on you and the bubblegum pink on it, just makes it pop, plus those flats, couldn’t get better! I’m glad you opened up to dresses, you look stunning in them.

    1. Sarah, I think I’m going to keep you around 😉 You are so sweet! This dress is really comfy too! I can’t wait to keep losing my postpartum weight so I can fit in it better. I love Boden’s clothes. They have such lovely options for the girly girl and also for the masculine girly girl. I totally found the brand on Instagram!

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