March 16, 2017

I know most of us are Spring ready, but have you perfected your Spring look yet? I’ve been practicing over here in the hot heat of Texas and have 3 ways to perfect your spring look. Don’t stress about what you are going to wear. Let me help you! If you need style ideas for your body type or stores to shop at, leave a comment and we can come up with some ideas together.


3 Ways to Perfect Your Spring Look:

  1. Wear your hair down. Don’t use any heat; work on reviving those lovely locks and do a side swipe to get a fun and flirty hair style.
  2. Wear skirts. I have larger thighs and I think skirts help to show my feminine side instead of highlighting how muscular my legs look ( I have come to love my legs but definitely like to soften my strong appearance with some feminine touches). A skirt does the trick.
  3. Find a great sandal. These Kork-Ease sandals exclusive to LL Bean are super soft, supportive, comfy, and stylish. I love that they are classic leather strap sandal; makes for a timeless shoe. They are a super pinned item on Pinterest. People have labeled the flat leather strap sandals as an Italian/ European look and they go with every look imaginable. Your style can be preppy, classic, boho, simple, flashy, and they will still go with your outfit. I can walk in these for an entire day and not have any foot problems.

llbean llbean feminine in denim llbean


LL Bean bandana scarf | Ruffle top similar here | LL Bean sailboat skirt | Kork-Ease leather sandals

Happy shopping my friends!

xo Rachel Lyn Johnson

This post is sponsored by LL Bean

  1. That outfit is super cute! I have trouble finding a good skirt. I don’t like tucking shirts in too much because I don’t think I have the figure for it, but I LOVE skirts! It’s a problem! Comfy sandels are a must, especially in the Texas heat! I’m a Texan too, it’s always fun meeting other Texans!

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