April 4, 2017

As a mom, I will leave the house dressed to the nines and then at some point, I’ll need a change of style to keep up with my kids. I am going to share super simple steps on how to take a dress from flirty to casual. Call me crazy, but I want to be able to still wear heels with my outfit and then change if I need to.

While these blue tassel heels are extremely comfortable and low to the ground, I still find myself wanting flat shoes or sandals to run around in half way through the day. I love a good outfit change and I have been doing this ever since I was a little girl. I drove my parents crazy changing at least five times in one day and I have kind of carried this over in to my adult years as well. You can imagine the amounts of laundry I have to wash and fold. Ha! Who am I kidding, I totally will hang the pieces back in my closet without washing them as long as I haven’t sweat in them. It really depends on how long I wear the items and what activities I do while wearing the pieces.

How to Take a Dress From Flirty to Casual

  1. Change your shoes. Swap out your flirty shoes with a casual pair of shoes and call it a day. I went from a small block heel to a flat sandal with GREAT support. These Kork-Ease sandals are seriously amazing. I love the bounce I have in my step with these on. They are extremely supportive and don’t leave my feet feeling sore.
  2. Swap out your bag. While I don’t have my second bag pictured, I changed bags from my small tassel bag to a large tote for a more casual feel and literally threw my little purse inside my tote and left everything inside my little bag to avoid having to transfer everything from one bag to another.
  3. Add a hat. Go from no hat to wearing a hat. With spring here and summer approaching, you can ALWAYS add a hat to have all the casual feels (“all the feels” is totally the language of this day and age. It is one phrase I am actually up to date on).

Test out these tips and let me know if they work for you. I am so curious to know if anyone else does this. I am sure my daughter is going to be just like me. She already changes her outfit at nap time. I know I am in for trouble with her; she definitely keeps me on my toes.


Blue Midnight Check dress from LLBean | Sunday Afternoon’s Havana Hat from LLBean | Signature Heritage Bandana Scarf from LLBean | Knoll Sandals by Kork-Ease from LLBean

This post is sponsored by LLBean

  1. Love it! Love that you’re saying no moms CAN still dress pretty. Heaven knows I’m the yoga pants mom, but I’d love to venture out! Great tips.

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