April 26, 2017
famous footwear

My Top 3 Spring Shoes are going to make you swoon hard core. They are seriously cute, ultra comfortable, and all from the SAME store… Famous Footwear! What can I say? You’re welcome (hehe Moana soundtrack). It has literally taken me YEARS to build a shoe collection I love and countless hours surfing the internet to find shoes that fit me well. I have always loved shoes but have struggle to find shoes big enough to fit me. Go ahead and cue the laughs now… I am a size 10.5. I have HUGE feet, or At least it feels like this most of the time because stores NEVER carry my size. I honestly feel like the lack of variety in shoes my size has made me a shoe snob. For most people with feet in-between sizes, we end up having to size up, which isn’t always a bad thing, but for a size 10.5 that means an 11 and most stores don’t carry size past a 10.

Even now while I type this post I am dreading the honesty I am sharing, but I feel it is necessary in gaining your shoe love trust. Due to the time I spend in finding shoes, I definitely feel I have a good understanding in how shoes fit and what looks cute. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am a style guru and all. Ha! I had to throw that one in there.

On the real though y’all, these three shoes really are the bees knees this Spring and they are extremely comfortable. I promise you will look phenomenal in them and you can pair them with so many outfits.I can’t say enough about the heel height on the espadrille wedges; I literally ran down the street to test them out. I am not exaggerating. All three choices pair well with denim, skirts, and dresses. Say what? Yes! You can wear them with anything and ALL things. Don’t just take my word for it. Test them out for yourself.

Check out the outfits I put together and shop the shoes, but scrolling down to the very bottom and clicking on each link listed under ‘SHOP THE POST’.

famous footwear feminine in denimfamous footwear feminine in denim

The elastic straps help to hug my feet to avoid rubbing. I love the stripe pattern and the thick cross band design. Not only do they look feminine, but they make me feel it too. famous footwear feminine in denim feminine in denim famous footwear

These adorable loafers come in a variety of colors, but lets all be real; yellow is hot right now and I have never seen yellow shoes go out of style.
feminine in denimfeminine in denim

Of course I had to throw in a pair of sneakers because I am a mom and that is what I live on. JK! I thought I could ONLY wear sneakers as a mom and that is a lie. Y’all have watched me pair a million and one outfits with every shoe under the sun and I have still been just as comfortable as wearing sneakers. This is because I take so much time to find a pair I love. I told y’all I wasn’t kidding when I said I take a long time to scout a good pair of shoes out. While I don’t have to wear sneakers all of the time, I love the way these white converse look. They are simple, cute, and classy. Converse have been ‘in’ since they originally came out and aren’t going anywhere. famous footwear


Tan & white stripe wedges | Yellow suede loafers  | White classic low top Converse

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