June 1, 2017

We are strolling in to summer with our Evenflo travel system stroller. NO lie I feel like this entire summer is going to consist of lots of long walks, ice cream, and ice lollies. Being a stay at home mom means lots of time for fun activities when I am not doing house chores… I like to put off the chores when I can so I can play with the kids outside. We put lots of miles on our strollers, so I definitely look for a smooth ride and a stroller that I can easily turn and pivot.

This stroller can transform by the click of a button. Yes! literally one strap with clips and voila it turns from a bassinet in to a seat. I have 5 strollers in my garage, so I know how strollers work and I can tell you I do like this option very much. If I was on a budget, I would recommend getting this stroller ESPECIALLY because it comes with a car seat. The car seat easily clicks in to the stroller and gives you the flexibility of opting to carry the car seat alone or pairing it with the stroller for a simple ride to your destination.

evenflo stroller

The Evenflo travel system I own is the Pivot. I chose it for the car seat that comes with the stroller and the bassinet option. I wanted to be able to lay my infant down in a bassinet when he is sleeping and also use the car seat when I am out in town exploring so I can click it in to the stroller when I need to. evenflo evenflo

Check out all this amazing space for storage; we take it when we go food shopping. One of us pushes the stroller while the other pushes the shopping cart. I think the Pivot is a great option for first time moms and moms who have older children with an infant. I like what this stroller has to offer and think you will too. If this system had one more seat, it would be a no brainer for me, but my little middle still needs to catch a ride, so I can’t use this stroller as much as I would like to. evenflo

evenflo stroller

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xo Rachel Lyn

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own

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