August 3, 2017

During this back to school season, pair up with JCPenney to help out kids in need. From August 1-15 you can head to your nearest JCPenney to donate a pack of kids’ socks or underwear. For every pair you buy, JCPenney will give one to the Y to help kids in need. They are going to donate up to 750,000 pairs!

JCPenney has signs throughout the store reminding shoppers like you of this awesome opportunity to help out kids in need. Wondering where to drop them off? Just let your JCPenney representative at the cash register know of your intentions to opt in to the ‘YOU BUY ONE WE GIVE ONE‘ opportunity.


If you are heading to the mall some time soon, check out JCPenney’s pair up with the Y and give to some kiddos that could really use the help. School is just around the corner and these basic needs cannot be ignored. I am all about donating to a great cause and this is one of them. Five dollars can go a long way and will put a huge smile on kids and their families faces. 

This post is sponsored by JCPenney to get the word out on a great cause.


Email me with any questions. Happy day lovelies!

xo Rachel Lyn

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