November 7, 2017

Start spreading the news… I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it NEW YORK NEW YORK!-Frank Sinatra.

I can’t believe the time has come to move back to the place of my birth and settle down. I have been freaking out in more ways than one. Friends, I will have moved 5 times (5 states) in the last 5 years. We have been so fortunate to have traveled the world and now I am ready to get back to my village and have help from my family raising the kids. Can I get an AMEN!

I have been getting so many questions about this move to New York, so I figured I would answer in an interview format. I am also sharing my favorite navy LL Bean pieces I am swooning over.

What city are you moving to?


Are you ready to live in a place with so much snow?

This is a tough one to answer. Yes and no. I think I’m scared to do a ton of shoveling and I really am not used to wearing pants for so many months in a year. I am going to miss my workout shorts.

What made you want to move to New York?

I have three little ones and don’t want to raise them away from family. I grew up in the military and want to make sure my kids have extended family around. There are so many reasons that went in to making the decision to move home. More of this move will make sense in a week. I have a post where I basically spill my heart out. It gets a little deep. While I would love to spill all the details of my life because I am very open, I have to keep a little mystery for safety purposes.

Will your husband still be in the Army?

For now, yes. We are waiting to hear back from the Army as to whether or not they are going to let him out.

What are you going to do in NY?

For now, I am going to continue to be a stay at home mom as well as continue ‘Feminine in Denim’. I have some work lined up with some amazing hotels and local businesses up in Buffalo. I am very much looking forward to all of the possibilities that New York is bringing. I have also started a little women’s blogging support group for local Buffalo bloggers called Buffalo Blogger Babes.

Will you still travel?

Yes, we will. I definitely want to travel for leisure now and not worry about packing our home up and moving once a year.

What will your husband do after the Army?

We have a few options and have time to explore them. We need to make sure we know what we are walking in to, but I am hoping he can join the civilian world sooner rather than later.

Didn’t you just move to Texas?

Yes, we have been in Texas for about 9 months now. I think being so far from family really made us want to get back to our roots. At least for myself, I really felt the need to go ‘home’.

I am very much looking forward to living near family and having help with my kids. I think what I am most excited about is the possibility to stay in my home for longer than 3 years and really be able to personalize it and make it our own. I don’t know what it’s like to stay in a place longer than 5 years. That is the longest I ever lived in a place and it really boils down to going to college and previously spending my senior year of high school in the same state. This is going to be an interesting transition and I hope a welcome change.


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