November 14, 2017
Shape magnets

The holidays are quickly approaching and I know if I don’t start shopping for my kids gifts now, I’ll miss out on all of the neat toys I could have gotten for them. This year we are focusing on cultivating little engineers. What does that mean? it means encouraging our kids to stay curious, ask questions, become problem solvers, and use materials around them to learn and explore. Some building toys that help to develop a sense of ingenuity are the Shape Mags. They are a great tool to use to encourage our kids to be little engineers. Back when I was in school studying to be an elementary education teacher, I attended a workshop that focused on making our kids engineers and the benefits of creating problem solvers and the idea has since stuck with me. 
Shape magShape mags
While there are a ton of really fun and innovative gifts out there, if you are looking for a fun and easy way to get your kids in to building and cultivating them to become engineers, check out Shape Mags. They are simple to use, easy to clean up, and will give your children the opportunity to use their minds and hands. I keep hearing from friends on Facebook and other social media channels that families are moving in to a ‘less is more’ direction especially with toys. I think if you are planning on getting your kids one gift this year, Shape Mags are a great option. They have so many ways to manipulate the pieces and will give your children an opportunity to dabble in math by using patterns and measuring to figure out how to best fulfill their desired projects.

My husband actually said there is a manual you can request once you purchase to be able to build designs that Shape Mags has put together. This is a great way for kids to learn how to follow directions and gives a great sense of purpose. In a day where children feel useless because of the quick returns they are getting through technology, giving them challenges to tackle helps them to grow their self esteem. They need to see that they are capable of completing tasks on their own. I want my kids to be independent thinkers and that has to start somewhere. Confidence is a big part of creating little people who turn in to competent young adults.
Shape magnets


Shape Mags 120 piece set

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