January 5, 2018
hotel henry

Hotel Henry in Buffalo, New York is by far the most breath taking urban resort I have ever had the opportunity to tour. The old style structure that has been brought to life is such an incredible sight to see. There is nothing like walking through the corridors of Hotel Henry.

Hotel Henry is located in Buffalo, New York near Elmwood village in the Richardson Olmsted Campus. The Romanesque-style building has been around for over 140 years and is now home to Hotel Henry, 100-acres; The Kitchens at Hotel Henry, and Buffalo Architecture Center. These businesses are a part of the Buffalo revival scene that is going on in this city historically named “city of light”.

hotel henryhotel henry

Throughout my tour of visual photography, you will find modern art placed in open spaces, tall ceilings, dark furniture full of character with accents of yellow, exposed brick, refurbished flooring, and beautiful columns that have been brought back to life. For this tour, I photographed a few pictures in the evening hours as well as early afternoon hours to highlight the beauty of the building. I also used two cameras to show different angles within the establishment. Most of the photos were taken with my Canon DSLR and a few were shot using my iPhone 7.

hotel henry hotel henry

We had the pleasure of eating breakfast at cafe inside Hotel Henry and grabbing lattes. I have to say that their brew is quite flavorful and full of warm comfort. I like a stronger brew and I definitely got that. If I don’t have a strong enough brew I feel like I don’t get the experience of having a coffee until I do. My family tends to call me a coffee snob for fun, but I just like to have a nice strong cup of joe in the morning. Can I get an amen?

We noticed lots of visitors rolling in to grab a bite from the cafe who did not appear to be hotel guests. I think the seating and cafe make for a great spot to study in an original setting. A lot of my local college followers were excited to see the cafe was open to the public on my Insta stories when I uploaded my stay back in November.  
hotel henry
hotel henry hotel henry

I couldn’t get enough of this amazing carpet. This is exactly what I would love to have in my  own home if my funds were endless. A girl can dream that is for sure. I think Hotel Henry would make for an incredible wedding location as well as work function conferences. The space is open and has many corners to sit and relax in, a spot to focus and work in, as well as a lovely place to be entertained.

hotel henry

If you put the address located on the Hotel’s website in to your maps for parking purposes, you will find yourself walk in to this stairway entrance.

hotel henryhotel henry

This romantic lounge would make for a divine spot to sit in with a loved one or a beautiful holiday photo to feature a dress on social media. My Buffalo blogging peeps; this spot would look amazing in a styled photo! This lounge room is located next to the check-in office area.

hotel henryhotel henryhotel henry

In the guest portion of this cosmopolitan space, you will find spectacular rooms where cozy magazine-like rooms come to life. The automatic blackout blinds make you feel like you are in a million dollar space. I kid you not I told my husband I felt like we were living out a really great movie when I was closing the blinds.

hotel henryhotel henry

The most amazing part of this room we stayed in was the column you see pictured to the left of the bed. It was so cool seeing something so old and unique being exposed for guests to admire in their rooms. I would LOVE to see what the campus looks like in the summer months. I imagine it to be quite the looker. hotel henry hotel henry hotel henry

If you are looking for something fresh and unique, Hotel Henry has you in mind. I think that a lot of people these days are taking more vacations to spots that emanate character where you can do multiple things on location as well as places to enjoy near-by in walking distance. If you find yourself feeling like you are in NYC at Central Park, you are not far off. The same person who designed Central Park is also the designer behind the campus and layout at the The Richardson Olmsted Campus. It is none other than Fredrick Law Olmsted himself. Back in the late 1800s the campus was completed alongside Henry Hobson Richardson for the Buffalo State Asylum for the insane.

After the Asylum phased out, the building laid dormant for years until 2006 when a mandate was formed to save the buildings. Now, visitors come from all over Canada and New York as well as other states to enjoy all that the Richardson Olmsted Campus has to offer.

hotel henry


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This hotel stay was sponsored by Hotel Henry. Thank you for such a lovely and historical stay!

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